Dagwoods Deli and Sub Shop puts their twist on the amazing Reuben Sandwich. We Spiced it up and gave it a Dagwoods BANG. Served on Rye - Dagwoods own Oven Roasted Corn-Beef, Sauerkraut, BANG Thousand Island and Swiss Cheese. Toasted to Perfection its a must try, we paired it with a Islamorada - Channel Marker IPA to cool the heat down.

Dagwoods Deli and Sub Shop - The Angry Reuben.jpg

Like many American food favorites, the Reuben is a mashup of cultural influences, and its modern flavor is largely due to Jewish cooking practices. Around the turn of the 19th century, Irish and Jewish immigrants had settled together in pockets of New York City, where the Irish bought salt-cured beef brisket from Jewish kosher delis that often threw in cabbage and potatoes with the meat. This popular trio didn't make it back home until more recently; in Ireland the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal is lamb or bacon.

In the end, the Reuben is an American invention, thanks to our country's long history as a melting pot for people from around the world. Just in time for everyone's favorite Irish holiday, our team rounds up some worthy locally made Reuben sandwiches to sink your teeth into.